DECHEM studio presents a new material using recycled glass, which impresses with its unique structure and spectacular character.

Fragile leaves frozen in a winter landscape or nebulae of deep space – the visually abstract nature of the fused glass board material developed by DECHEM studio offers countless charming associations when viewed in detail. Despite its poetic form, the design concept has a purely pragmatic background. In this case, the urge to use discarded vases and lampshades as well as technological waste, which is inextricably linked to glass production, served as a creative impulse. “It hurts to throw away such objects – we gave them the same care during production as all the others. By remelting them, we obtain a board material that always has a unique structure that cannot be replicated in the same form,” explains designer Michaela Tomišková. Not only out of respect for the expended energy and work of craftsmen, but also out of respect for the material itself, DECHEM studio decided to use the residual glass and, by remelting it, gives it another, noble life.

The remarkable details were captured through the lens of photographer Adela Havelkova. The Fragmentglass material has an extremely malleable effect on her: “Although it is unchanging, its appearance changes with every nuance of light and creates new images. I tried to capture the depth of the material and its changes. I wanted to create a new imaginary landscape that I see in Fragmentglass in different lighting.”