Produced in different colours and shapes, Bandaska Vase is the highlight of DECHEM’s collection and its ultimate bestseller. Simple yet elegant lines are inspired by ordinary forms of traditional metal containers for water and milk, used in Czech households for ages.

  • specifications

  • small

    Ø 7.5 cm x h 10 cm, 0.2 kg

  • tall

    Ø 9 cm x h 31 cm, 0.5 kg

  • medium

    Ø 15.5 cm x h 25 cm, 1 kg

  • big

    Ø 18.5 cm x h 23 cm, 1 kg

  • XL

    Ø 22 cm x h 36 cm, 3 kg

  • XXL

    Ø 30 cm x h 46 cm, 5.5 kg

  • colour of glass

    alabaster white, cobalt blue, absinthe green, moss green, mint green, neon yellow, nude neutral, opalescent blue, poppy red, powder pink, saffron orange, smoke grey or stone grey

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