Konfeta Vase

Inspired by the theme „celebration of life“, DECHEM created vases which radiate exorbitant joy and lightness. Fragments of coloured glass rubies cover the surface of various hand-blown vases and thus transform them into absolutely unique works of art. 

The colourful confetti elements are made from solid pigmented glass – a material normally used to colour the melted glass in the glass blowing process. They are characterized by irregular, rock-like edges, contrasting the otherwise softly shaped glass vases. The fragments often resemble rough brush strokes and so attaching them to the vase becomes a form of painting. 

DECHEM gradually extends the colour variations of the vases: So far they range from a melange of various colours to a 
combination of related hues and finally a strict monochrome. 

Every glass piece is worked by hand and then glued onto the vase. This process makes it impossible to create two identical pieces. Thus it results in truely handmade, original and sometimes even custom-made objects.

Konfeta Vase Bandaska
mini Ø 10 cm x h 10 cm, 0,75 kg
medium Ø 17 cm x h 25 cm, 1.5 kg

Konfeta Vase 19
big Ø 20 cm x h 29 cm, 2 kg
tall Ø 20 cm x h 37 cm, 2.5 kg

Konfeta Vase 20
small Ø 16 cm x h 20 cm, 1.5 kg

Photography: Karin Zadrick