Miniature decorative model of a cityscape handcrafted from glass and available in various sizes.

Colour of glass: crystal clear, beryl green, alex violet, rosalin, topas, eldor yellow, aquamarine blue
Size of Glass Town: Ø 30 cm x h 23.5 cm, 5 kg
Size of Glass Mountain: Ø 11 cm x h 21 cm, 2.5 kg
Size of Glass Village: Ø 10 cm x h 18 cm, 1.5 kg


Price upon request.
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Constructed of hand-cut glass and engraved colour components, the Glass Town Collection includes miniature decorative models of a cityscape, evoking the poetic idea of a town in the landscape. All the elements of simple geometry in the shapes of factories, houses, schools or barns, are individual and allow the user to assemble their own composition. The main clear base for the town is hand-faceted. Various crystal elements include 17 pieces of hand-engraved beryl green, alex violet, rosalin, topas, eldor yellow and aquamarine blue glass. The smaller versions of our Glass Village and our Glass Mountain are based on the same idea.