The suspended luminaire consists of two dichroic glass discs with a source of soft light between them. Dichroic glass changes colours under different lighting conditions and viewing angles.


Colour of glass: flat dichroic glass

Fixture: polished brass

Light source: LED, 12 V, 15 W

Cable: textile coated, black, 150 cm

Size: Ø 50 cm x height 60 cm


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Inspired by the 1930s modernist design and Art Deco, Eclipse light is comprised of two metallized glass discs with a source of soft light behind the shiny brass details in between them. The flat, levitating piece – when viewed from certain angles – resembles two eclipsing celestial bodies, creating an immersive visual effect of never-ending space. The functionalist clarity of the form meets a poetic sensibility in this work.

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Weight 15 kg