Enhance your drinking experience with a colourful carafe.

The little imperfections and bubbles in Your purchase are the proof of its hand-made origin.

As the glass is not heat-resistant, it is not suitable for hot beverages or candles. Dishwasher safe up to 60°. To avoid scratches, don’t wipe with any harsh cloth.
Lead-free glass.
Size: Ø 8 cm x height 23.5 cm


Water, the essence of life, is elusive. As a liquid, it runs through our fingers, and we cannot catch it. In its frozen state, it melts in our hands and runs away again. When heated, it evaporates into invisibility. In the course of time, however, various devices – large and small – have enabled us to capture, control or collect this precious good; such as canals, wells, vessels… and drinking glasses.

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