The presentation of Vivid Glass Universe at Milan Design Week 2021.

The collection celebrates a range of magical glass textures created by different manufacturing techniques. Strict geometric shapes contrast with the vivid character of extraordinary glass types such as glass, blown in a gradient, fused glass with bubbles, coloured reflective glass and lithyalin glass. The presentation comprises the wall-mounted Universe Glass Object, Infinity Lithyalin Table and Vase 20 in two sizes and various colour gradients. 

  • Universe Glass Object

    w 95 cm x h 90 cm, 10 kg

  • Infinity Lithyalin Table

    w 45 cm x h 45 cm x d 27 cm, 20 kg

  • Vase 20

    BIG Ø 20 cm x h 30 cm, 1.5 kg