The custom-designed lighting for an imposing residence in the Old Town of Prague.


The spacious interior was initially inspired by the functionalist style of the residential building in which it is located. Bespoke furnishings, high-quality materials & refined details, all created the base of the concept. DECHEM studio was commissioned to create a collection of light fixtures for its entrance hall, kitchen, dining, and living room area. Following the philosophy of the space and the brilliant interior design proposal by Lenka Míková Architects, our light design features two of our favourite materials: glass & brushed brass. 


The suspended light fixtures above the dining table combine the elementary geometric shapes of a hand-blown glass ball and a brass cylinder. The living room features the circular constellation of the 10 surface-mounted glass balls creating almost a metaphysical composition. Minimal yet very sophisticated in details, the horizontal brass line above the kitchen island creates an elegant centrepiece. With the LED stripe inside of the tube, it provides enough light for work. The entrance hall is dominated by brass plates with light spheres in their centre resembling a star or another cosmic element.