The DECHEM salon represents a collection of various approaches to glass and its use in products. Messier M81, a pink glass table with low legs made of raw iron, takes its name after the beautiful spiral galaxy that, despite being 12 million light-years away, is still one of the brightest to be seen from Earth. The air bubbles locked in the table’s oval glass are like universes of their own, for you to get lost just as easily as in space. The wall object behind pays tribute to the fascinating variety of different types of glass and experimentally combines them into a wall-mounted patchwork. Geometric shapes with lively structures create colourful details of reflections and offer a glimpse into the breath-taking and inspiring world of glass.

Furthermore, DECHEM presents a variety of experimental vases. The Heat Vase and the Roura Vase are hand processed in a hot shop, reflecting the idea of perfection and imperfection and their relation. Like the Roura Vase, The Heat Vase is an organically formed piece of glass, showing how an archetypal shape is melted and altered by only using temperature. Meanwhile, the happy-go-lucky Konfeta vases are at home anywhere, whether exhibited on the galaxy table, forming small herds inside curiosity cabinets.

The scene is complete with the Tésera chandelier – a contemporary light object enriched with hanging tassels.