The presentation of the concept DECHEM ART INTERIOR.

In a cosy sitting room arranged in fair hues, several design novelties are waiting to make their first public appearance. Messier M81, a pink glass table with low legs made of raw iron, takes its name after the beautiful spiral galaxy that, despite being 12 million light-years away, is still one of the brightest to be seen from Earth. The air bubbles locked in the table’s oval glass are like universes of their own, for you to get lost in just as easily as in space. Meanwhile, the happy-go-lucky Konfeta vases are at home anywhere, whether exhibited on the galaxy table, forming small herds inside curiosity cabinets or when in their largest form, as solitary objects on the floor. The Tropos table lamp is a time traveller and shapeshifter, sharing its essence with a forgotten antique Bohemian lamp. And there is another corner, where four tassels reminiscent of queen Berenice’s locks hang from the elegant Tésera chandelier. Around these newcomers, older friends regroup including Tetris Totems, divinatory Magion coffee tables, and faded mirrors on the wall. The salon is set, waiting for guests to arrive.

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with Tereza Porybná.

  • Eclipse Light oval

    w 60 x d 6 x h 100 cm

  • Messier M81 Table

    w 148 x d 68 x h 45 cm

  • Tésera Chandelier

    w 71 cm x d 71 cm x h 120 cm

  • Horizon Mirror

    w 85 x d 9 x h 117 cm