DECHEM studio was established in Prague in 2012 by Michaela Tomiskova and Jakub Jandourek.
They first met at the Novy Bor School of Glass, where they both fell in love with the earliest synthesised material in human history. While Michaela went on to study product design at AAAD Prague and later worked for several acclaimed design studios, Jakub continued to hone his skills in the lighting industry, specialising in glass workmanship, technology, and manufacturing. Since establishing DECHEM studio they have focused on product design and maintained a special attention to glass, exploring traditional Bohemian craft techniques and the surprising connections of its various forms.

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Studio DECHEM was set up in Prague in 2012, its founders having met at glassmaking school in Nový Bor, after which their paths separated. Michaela Tomišková studied product design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, then working for established design studios, Jakub Janďourek gathering experience in the technology, production and processing of glass in the sphere of illuminants.These are the foundations of their creative nature, underpinned by respect for craft. They not only design glass objects, therefore, but actually make them, taking an active part in the entire production process, from designing and technological development to packaging and distribution.

Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Janďourek work together to make glass into poetic decorative objects, light fittings and vases of clean geometric form. They mostly choose clear glass as their starting material, regularly in combination with flashed white opal (or opal in delicate pastel shades). However, we also find black and smoked glass in their collections. DECHEM has worked with traditional Czech glassmaking company KAVALIERGLASS, which focuses on the mass production of borosilicate laboratory and cook- ware glass, since 2014. The company sells their designs of effective light fittings made using Bohemian SIMAX glass, either colourless or plated with titanium, under the exclusive brand name of KAVALIER DESIGN. A prominent place in the studio’s portfolio also belongs to projects for public and private places, projects that are tailor-made to suit clients’ needs.

In the space of only five years of its existence, Studio DECHEM has become a respected design group in the Czech Republic. Indeed Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Janďourek received the Grand Designer of the Year Award 2014 from the Academy of Design of the Czech Republic. The studio has also presented its work at shows in Salone del Mobile in Milan, Fumi Gallery in London and repeatedly at Designblok in Prague. Considerable attention was given abroad to “Material Vase”, made of marble, leather, wood and copper and designed for the Křehký Gallery by Michaela Tomišková in 2014, subsequently being included in the prestigious Trends show at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Janďourek tell stories in Bohemian glass, just as their motto says.There is little doubt that they have plenty to say. For all the success of recent years, however, they are still at the beginning of their professional careers. I therefore look forward to whatever comes next and believe that we will soon tell their artistic story “in the same breath”, a story that certainly has the potential to provide the term “Bohemian glass” sense into the future.