Poster by Czech illustrator Michal Bačák reflects DECHEM product.

Poster is printed on high-quality lithographic paper and carefully packed in a paper tube.

50cm x 70cm / 19.7in x 27.5in

Magion 6 is glass light named after the successful, Czechoslovak science satellites that orbited the Earth in the 1960s as part of the Interkosmos programme. The flat cylinder of blown glass with the distinctive, three-pronged metal structure inside bears a resemblance to a small space station.


DECHEM studio was established in Prague in 2012 by Michaela Tomiskova and Jakub Jandourek. Since establishing the studio they have focused on product design and maintained a special focus on glass, exploring traditional Bohemian craft techniques for preparing, gathering, shaping and blowing clear and coloured glass into wooden and metal forms. The glass is then finished with centuries-old techniques, like snapping, grinding and firing, and decorated by the most experienced craftsmen by engraving, cutting and painting. Please contact us for more information on color options.


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