Galaxy Light Object

Custom-designed luminaire for a private residence in Prague, 2021

Dechem studio is introducing the realisation of the multi-material custom-made lighting object, rather seen as an art piece, despite its great luminosity, well integrated into the character of its surroundings.The expressive piece represents the exploartion of the mutual relations of various materials and their influence on our senses. The base of the final object is created by a large vertical piece of dark granite stone with smooth surface and rough edges. The bright element is represented by the light pink fused glass oval, attached to the base by means of the polished brass details. The same brass was used for the large circle carrying the subtle light strip generously illuminating the whole object. The last element surprises with its seemingly confusing magical marble-like texture of the lithyalin glass. Its fluid structure completes the homogeneity of the rest of the materials.The realisation also marks the start of implemetntation of a new glass making technique into the practice. Altough Dechem has already experimented with the fused glass, this time it was used in a new context and gave rise to the large symetrical colorful piece of crystal glass. The method of glass fusing consists in joining pieces of glass together at high temperature, usually between 700 °C and 820 °C in a kiln, in order to merge the separate pieces smoothly into a bigger one. Presumably the technique was invented by the ancient Romans, though according to some sources it has the origins inancient Egypt. Today the technique is gaining the popularity again, especially in the world of fine art.

Photography: BoysPlayNice