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    Through The Lens I.

    Through The Lens I. 2020-2021 To celebrate its most successful product, Bandaska Vase, DECHEM studio asked several photographers to capture the vase in…

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    Residential Lights

    Residential lights Custom-designed luminaires for Mánesova residence in Prague, 2021 Studio Dechem has created the total light design of the common spaces for…

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    Galaxy Light Object

    Galaxy Light Object Custom-designed luminaire for a private residence in Prague, 2021 Dechem studio is introducing the realisation of the multi-material custom-made lighting…

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    Structures The term can be understood as an arrangement of the inner part of a material, an object, or a system, both abstract…

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    Designblok 2020

    Designblok 2020 Spatial vs. planar. Infinite universe. Embodiment. These were the evocative themes of Dechem’s installation for the the 22nd year of Designblok…

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